Guided tour of the theater

Guided tour of the theater

One of the novelties that we thought for you are special and very exclusive guided tours!

You will have the opportunity, accompanied by an expert guide, to be guided through the corridors of the Theater to admire the wonders hidden in the historical boxes: you will take a seat in the Royal Box, as only very important people can do, and see the magnificence of the original boxes from the inside. A truly unique opportunity to discover the secrets of a Theater that is more than 240 years old!

The tour takes places :

09.30 visit in English

10.30 visit in French or English

13.00 visit in Italian ,English or French

16.00 visit in English

The visit starts from the A. Toscanini Foyer

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 30 € per person.


  • It will be possible to buy tickets on a monthly basis, to allow the visit to the theatre in the absence of performance rehearsals.
  • The price includes the guided tour to the Theatre and the ticket to the museum.
  • Our routes are not suitable for people with walking difficulties or children under the age of 12
  • For technical or artistic reasons beyond our control, tours may be subject to variations or cancellations, even at the last minute. In that case, tickets will be refunded

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