Your visit starts with the view of the auditorium of La Scala from the theatre boxes, that is when neither a performance nor an event is in progress preventing access. Your visit continues in the rooms of the Museum, where the portraits and busts of the great protagonists of opera, their mementoes and the musical instruments all tell you the story of the theatre and opera.

You can also visit temporary exhibitions dedicated to the performances and the protagonists, both past and present, of La Scala.

All you need to do is consult the Museum website at the page titled Theater Bestview where, every two weeks, we suggest the best times for the view from the boxes. Only six people at a time are allowed into the theatre boxes, four people during rehearsals.

We suggest you buy individual tickets online through our booking system. This allows you to avoid queues at the entrance. The ticket can be shown to our staff, for the necessary checks, also in electronic format. It is, however, possible to purchase tickets at the ticket desk in the Museum entrance.

For group bookings, please write to: [email protected] or call the number 02 9990 1919.

At this time the reduced rate reserved for groups is applied regardless of the number of people, only if they are accompanied by an authorized guide.

The duration of the visit depends on how detailed you wish it to be. However, on average, a complete tour takes 45 minutes.

It is also possible to visit the Museum with the aid of some multi-media supports.
Our App, suitable for both Android and Ios, can be downloaded free of charge both at home and at the Museum. It allows you to choose from a variety of visits with audio-guide depending on the topic you are most interested in and how much time you have.
Families with small children can also find a treasure hunt trail.
We suggest you use headphones when using the App.

Inside the Museum, you will find interactive totems on which, by scanning the walls of the museum and simply clicking on the object that interests you, you can browse the caption or access the more detailed information card.

You can contact one of the guides from the various external agencies that routinely provide a guided tour service of the Museum. You can find a list on the groups and schools page of our website. In this case, you can benefit from the reduced rate reserved for groups.

You are allowed to take photographs, without the use of a flash, and only for personal use. Permission to take photographs for publishing purposes and using professional equipment must always be applied for and agreed upon with the Management.

In the Theatre, visitors are required to keep to any indications given by staff on duty. No-flash photography is usually allowed, but not during rehearsals.

For guided tours of the Theatre, the Museum refers to internal guides, the only ones authorised to accompany visitors in the auditorium, the boxes, the foyer and under the stage.

Excluding the days when rehearsals are in progress or performances are scheduled, guided tours are provided every day. We suggest you buy your ticket online to avoid finding no places available (20 people max.) on arrival. If places are still available on the day, then you can also buy a ticket at the Museum ticket desk.

If you prefer to take a personalised tour, at a different time, it is necessary to contact the Museum at [email protected], stating the day, time and preferred language.

A specific lift goes directly to the Museum’s rooms and to the theatre boxes. If you need to take the lift, you can ask staff at the entrance for assistance. Admission is free for disabled visitors and an accompanying person.

For further information regarding initiatives to allow accessibility, you are invited to visit the Accessibility page of our website. Guide dogs are also allowed access.

Parents with children in prams or pushchairs can use the specific lift that goes directly to the Museum’s rooms and the theatre boxes. If you need to take the lift, you can ask staff at the entrance for assistance. When in the Museum, we do ask parents to be particularly careful not to cause obstruction to other visitors or damage to the works on display.

The Museum has its own archives and The "Livia Simoni" Library, both open to the public on appointment. They contain documents dating from the 18th century to the mid-20th century. The Theatre also has another archive with documents from the post-war period to the present, available only on appointment.

A guided tour of the Theatre’s workshops is available for school parties and individual visitors on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is here that performances are prepared and where costume and set designers, carpenters and sculptors work unceasingly. For further information, online tickets and directions on how to reach the workshops, please consult Guided Visits of the Ansaldo Scala Workshops.

Yes, the Museum does organise three different types of workshops specifically for younger visitors in which music, acting, make-up, art, singing and dancing come together to teach and educate. Each workshop also includes a tour of the Museum and of the Theatre.

The Museum organises a number of special events and private openings. Two series of events are on offer: Dischi e tasti and Letture e note al Museo. It also takes part in important events in the city, such as Piano City Milano, Museocity and Bookcity. For further information and constant updates on future events, please consult our Events page.

Yes, the Museum space is available for hire for private events, such as cocktails, guided tours, conferences and concerts. For further information and price quotes, please send an email to [email protected].

You are invited to consult the regulations page, in order to ensure the best possible service during your visit.

A. Please send an email to [email protected]. A member of staff will reply as soon as possible.