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Possible itineraries:

Sfondo Inganni

Grand Tour

a complete audio-guide to lead you from room to room to discover the stories, works and personalities of the Museum. Available in seven languages (Italian, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish). 90 minutes.

giuditta pasta

The nine Muses

The term museum derives from the Greek mousein, “a place consecrated to the Muses”, the protectors of artists. In this itinerary, there are nine works which, like the nine Muses, talk to us of art and beauty. 20 minutes.



La Scala’s history stretches back for more than two centuries and it is one made up of epic triumphs and ruinous disasters, as well as extraordinary men and women. Thanks to works of art and artefacts, you will find out more about these celebrities.

30 minutes.


Upstairs Downstairs

This itinerary is aimed at younger visitors, a treasure hunt through the Museum’s rooms, with games and riddles – a new way to learn and enjoy yourself at the same time!

30 minutes.

AppAudioguida — Museo Teatrale alla Scala

The treasures of the Museum

The Museum opened on 8th March 1913, thanks to the purchase of the Jules Sambon Collection. Over the years, it has been enriched with paintings, musical instruments and other curios. This itinerary will guide you through 50 works that tell a story comprising art, music and theatre. 60 minutes.

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