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The Musuem is completely accessible for disable visitors thanks to an elevator that arrive in the rooms and at the entrance of the Theater from the Museum. You can use the elevator asking help to the personal at the entrance.

For the disabled visitor and for the companion the entrance it’s free.
Guide dogs for  the blind and visually impaired can enter in the Museum.

Every year is organized a plan of initiatives called Museo senza limiti, for encourage the accessibility.

“A No-Limits Museum” is a scheme aimed at providing a link between the world of the Theatre and with those people who are less able to use it; it is intended for the following:

The deaf and mute.
Guided visits with the aid of a sign-language interpreter (in co-operation with the Ente Nazionale Sordi).

Neuro-motor disabilities.
Choir workshops in co-operation with the Children’s Choir of the Teatro alla Scala and the Associazione Famiglie SMA Genitori per la ricerca sull’Atrofia Muscolare Spinale.

Community centers in peripheral urban areas.
Guided visits in co-operation with the Centro Sociale Barrio’s and the Associazione Luisa Berardi Onlus.

Motor disabilities.
Guided visits (in co-operaton with UILDM Unione Italiana Lotta alla Distrofia Muscolare).

The blind and visually impaired.
Guided visits and workshops using sounds (in co-operation with the Unione Italiana Ciechi and Istituto dei Ciechi of Milan).

Senior citizens: culture with no obstacles and days dedicated to the third and fourth ages
Guided visits (in co-operation with the Fondazione Palazzolo Don Carlo Gnocchi of Milan).

Admission is free for people living with a disability and an accompanying person.

For information and reservations, write to [email protected]