Edda Fogarollo – Out of tune. Three Jewish Musicians in the Storm of the Racial Laws

Edda Fogarollo – Out of tune. Three Jewish Musicians in the Storm of the Racial Laws

Published by Sillabe, 2019


Music as a statement of one’s own dignity

Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, eminent Italian Jewish composers produced operas of the highest aesthetic and contrapuntal value, which for far too long have been ignored. Therefore, the musicians of the Duo Elimo propose to shed light on a little-known – if not a wholly unknown – musical treasure which deserves some exploration. Francesco Buffa (pianist) and Giovanni Cardillo (violinist) bring back to life the music of Guido Alberto Fano, Alberto Gentili and Vittorio Rieti.

Edda Fogarollo graduated in Historical Studies at the faculty of Historical Studies in Padova and she conducted many deep researches about Israel’s History. She obtained an International Master Degree on the didactics of Shoa at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, with a master degree thesis on Shoa and Middle East Policy. Fogarollo’s educational background comprehends training courses for professors at Mémorial de la Shoah (“Shoa’s Memorial”) in Paris and at the International School of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Great expert in Israel’s History and Middle East Policy, Fogarollo directed several courses and lectures on Shoa, the birth of Israel’s State and the history behind the Jewish State. In addition to this, Fogarollo organised an event at the Senate of the Italian Republic. Fogarollo is currently teaching modern and contemporary history and is the National President of Cristiani per Israele-Italia, the Italian section of the Association Christians for Israel Intemational.