Conversation avec Noemi Manzoni

Conversation avec Noemi Manzoni

Published by Manzoni 2017


“It is a florilege of rare value, a truly unique book, an editorial novelty certainly destined to occupy the first places in terms of thematic quality and musicological interest. Absolutely unmissable” (Il Giornale) 

“Io non sono che un critico” (“I am but a critic”) recollects all critics and audience’s reactions on Verdi’s first performances at Alla Scala Theatre in Milan. The author proceeded to recover the journalistic testimonies that the major and most attentive critics of the Opera House have drawn up and published. Among the most authoritative names there are Pietro Cominazzi, Filippo Filippi, Alberto Mazzuccato, Amintore Galli, and among the magazines Il Pirata, La Fama, Gazzetta Musicale, La Perseveranza. Each work has an historical framework that contributes to enrich and help the reader during the sources’ reading process. 

Noemi Manzoni took her first step into the world of professional discography in 2007, starting a period of apprenticenship at Urbania Records’ record label. During this period, Manzoni started dealing with the creation process, the distribution and production of the musical work of the great artists of the 20th century. In 2010, Noemi Manzoni decided to complement the historical production with new digital recordings and this further step brought her to work with internationally renowned artists. In 2017, Noemi Manzoni founded the editorial firm Manzoni Editore and since then she keep on publishing the most important musical essayist.