Conversation avec Alberto Basso

Conversation avec Alberto Basso

Published by Aragno, 2007


In German, Bach means creek or brook, but as Beethoven once said “He should be called sea, ocean” and if you plan to cross the ocean, you must provide yourself with all the tools neededWith extreme accuracy, Alberto Basso named his book “Bach: Navigation Manual” as a declaration of love for the composer to whom he dedicated his life as a student” (Sandro Cappelletto) 

More than thirty years after “Frau Musika. The life and works of J. S. Bach ”, 2 vols. (Turin, 1979-1983) publication, Alberto Basso updates and integrates his work giving birth to an atypical dictionary. Full of compositions, people, places, environments, situations, events and more, the aim of the author is to make the great master of Eisenach the supreme representative of ars music. 

Alberto Basso (Turin, 1931). After being a Music History’s Professor, the Turin Conservatory’s Librarian (1961-1993), and the Chairmain of the Italian Music Society during the years 1973-1979 and 1994-1997, In 1986 Basso founded the Istituto per i Beni Musicali (“Institute for Musical Goods”) in Piedmont, and he led it until 2013. One of the Santa Lucia’s National Academics since 1982, he directed big editorial enterprises such as the 17 volumes of the “Dizionario Enciclopedico Universale della Musica e dei Musicisti” (“The Universal Enciclopedic Dictionary of Music and Musicians”) and the 6 volumes of “Musica in Scena” (“Music on air”) plus a series of books about musicological studies (approximately over 120 titles). Basso is also the author of various essays and works such as “Frau Musika. La vita e le opere di J. S. Bach, 2 voll.” (Torino, 1979-1983), “L’invenzione della gioia. Musica e massoneria nell’età dei Lumi”(Milano, 1994), “Storia della Musica dall’Antichità alla fine dell’Ottocento”, 3 voll. (Torino, 2004-05); “I Mozart in Italia” (Roma, 2006). He directed also “Storia del Teatro Regio di Torino, 6 voll. (Torino, 1976-1991)” where he wrote the second volume (Il Teatro della Città dal 1789 al 1936) and conceived and directed the exhibition “L’arcano incanto” for the 250th anniversary of Teatro Regio in Turin. Last but not least, Basso received in 2004 an Honorary degree from Universitat Autònoma in Barcellona. Right now the artist lives in Salluzzo, Italy.