La Scala and the Society

Is it raining, is it snowing outside the Scala? Who cares.
All the good company is gathered in one hundred and eighty boxes of the theatre


The history of La Scala’s audience, from the 19th century boxers to today’s subscribers, is a prestigious story that goes through all the transformations of Italian society in the last two centuries, confirming how much La Scala has always been a cultural and social point of reference. The research conducted by Alla Scala Theatre together with Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan and the Braidense National Library has allowed the creation of a database that traces, stage by stage, the map of all the owners and guests of the theatre from 1778 to 1920, the year of ‘expropriation. In this section it is retraced the history of the great Milanese families, from the Trivulzio, the Litta, the Belgiojoso, the Visconti, whose stories are intertwined with those of the patriots, such as Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, Federico Confalonieri and Silvio Pellico, but also with great writers such as Stendhal, Foscolo, Parini and Manzoni.