Leyla Gencer

Curated by Pierluigi Pizzi and Franca Cella

From May 13th to Septemeber 16th

Macbeth, 1969                                    
Foto Piccagliani, Archivio Teatro alla Scala

Don Carlo, 1970
Foto Piccini, Treviso

La prova di un'opera seria
Foto Piccagliani, Archivio Teatro alla Scala

Dialoghi delle Carmelitane, 1957
Foto Arici-Smith, Venezia
Idomeneo, 1968
Foto Piccagliani, Archivio Teatro alla Scala
       Norma, 1965
       Foto Piccagliani, Archivio Teatro alla Scala

Among the great belcanto divas that have linked their name to the Teatro alla Scala we celebrate the turkish soprano Leyla Gencer after ten years from her death. She occupied a very special role for vocal character, scenic temperament, reverence of the repertoire and duration of a relationship that after the withdrawal from the scenes is pursued with the didactic commitment with young students of the Academy.

Teatro alla Scala remember her with a photographic exhibition in Ridotto dei Palchi “Arturo Toscanini”, curated by Pier Luigi Pizzi and Franca Cella, that recounts some of her most important interpretations at La Scala.

Peir Luigi Pizzi remember her with this words: “ LEYLA GENCER? A myth. An immense artist. Mine is a testimony of absolute admiration for an extraordinary career built entirely on commitment, dedication, rigor, self-criticism and an infinite gratitude for many years of a very special friendship.
And her style, elegance, class, intelligence, culture, irony, humor, frankness, generosity. A great Woman.”

The exhibition will be open till Septemeber 16th and can be visited during the day by the public of the Museum and during the intervals of the shows by the audience.

Monday – Sunday
9.00 – 17.30 last entry at 17