31 luglio -01/02  agosto 2020


Also this year the Teatro alla Scala Museum proudly participates in MuseoCity, which in the 2020 edition focuses on the talents of women, protagonists in the various fields of art.


We have chosen to highlight the portrait of Giuditta Pasta, by Gioachino Serangeli for “Museo Segreto“.

The singer, portrayed here in a white dress, a woman of great character and patriot,

Giuditta Pasta played the lead role on that difficult evening in 1831 which saw the première of the opera Norma by Sicilian Vincenzo Bellini. The performance was a complete disaster, due to illness on the part of the singer, but also because of gossip about the composer which influenced the audience’s reception. The opera later went on to be a success and is today amongst the most important operas from the first half of the nineteenth century. The singer was in fact a mezzo soprano. According to reports however, she had a tendency to be flat in the upper registers. This is why Bellini was obliged to lower the pitch of the renowned aria “casta diva” from Norma by a whole tone to bring it more into line with her vocal capabilities.  In the painting, he holds in his hand the score of Rossini’s Tancredi, open to the page of the famous aria “Di tanti palpiti”. The gaze is turned to the sky, as if seeking inspiration for a chord.


Saturday 1 August the Museum offers free admission to the permanent collection and to the exhibition “Nei palchi della Scala. Storie milanesi“.


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