The Museo Teatrale alla Scala is not just a “museum”.
The rooms of the former Casino Ricordi, where the Museum was founded in 1913, are not simple shelves where to show memorabilia and works of art related to the theater.

These rooms were, first of all, a place where people could talk about music, art and literature. That’s why every year we organize and host cultural events that enliven the halls of the Museum, beyond the simple visit.

Our goal is to recreate the atmosphere of curiosity, passion and lively debate that has always distinguished the Teatro alla Scala. To the appointments of the Salotto Musicale and Readings and Notes at the Museum, we add the one, which we are particularly proud of, is A Museum Without Limits: a project created to unite the world of theater to disability and to those who have less opportunity to enjoy it.

We believe that the theater should be the heritage of all, without exception.