For the 150th anniversary of the death of Gioacchino Rossini, the Teatro alla Scala has prepared an exhibition entitled Gioachino Rossini al Teatro alla Scala, which will be open to the public from 17th April to 30th September. The curator is Pier Luigi Pizzi, who is one of the most important figures on the Italian theatrical scene and whose name has been associated with some of the most important productions of Rossini’s operas both at La Scala and around the world from the post-war period to the present.

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Access to the exhibition is included in the admission ticket to the Museum.

Children's Workshops

Onde d’emozione e battaglie navali al Museo! (Waves of emotion and sea battles at the Museum!)

 Interactive family workshops.

The Museo Teatrale alla Scala is a special place. It tells the story of all the men and women who have made the Teatro alla Scala the most important theatre in the world. Even so, visiting a museum is often considered boring and useless. But nothing could be further from the truth!

With “Buongiorno Museo!” that feeling of detachment will turn into enthusiasm, curiosity and enjoyment. And our greatest allies in this challenge are indeed statues, pictures, musical instruments and costumes.

After the guided tour of the Museum, the workshop will take place in the foyer of the “Arturo Toscanini” boxes. In this space, there will be a sea of theatrical water where children will be able to embark on a voyage of discovery of the most famous operas, which they will even be able to perform in. The children will also be given a handmade product to keep.

age: 6 – 11.
Price: € 30 (one adult and two children).

For information and reservations:
Telefono (+39) 338 3569291

Hands-on workshop of Performing Arts to bring children closer to the opera.

The theatre involves our bodies, voices, memories and creativity. It improves our interpersonal relationships and strengthens our self-esteem. Music, too, can enrich how we see the world and others if we trace its history and learn to listen to it with a conscious ear.

“Museo mia Musa” is a cycle that allows you to discover the magical world of music and the theatre. From acting to song, from scriptwriting to scene design, from dance to costumes: this is a fascinating journey in the company of artists and experts.

Age: 6 – 10.
Price: € 60 for each cycle of four Saturdays.

For information and reservations:
Telefono (+39) 338 3569291


A free cycle of evenings in which you will hear readings from publications regarding  music and the theatre, presented by Armando Torno. The subjects for conversation will deal with art and music, works and curios from the world of the theatre.

Special evenings at the Museo Teatrale alla Scala.

We look forward to seeing you at 5.45 pm for the chance to experience the atmosphere of Countess Clara Maffei’s literary salon. At 6.30 pm you will be invited to attend a concert played on the piano that once belonged to Franz Liszt. Don’t miss this journey into the atmosphere and the intimate sounds of chamber music.

Opens at 5.45pm. All you need is your admission ticket to the Museum.
Places subject to availability

Guided Visits of the Theatre

The guided tour of the La Scala theater will take place everyday consistent with the needs of the theater schedules​

Guided tours are held everyday, from Monday to Sunday, consistent with the activities of the Theater.

To find out more about the guided tours, consult the page GUIDED THEATRE VISITS.

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